Sassy Lashes is no ordinary lash extension salon. We started providing eyelash extensions before this beauty service became the widespread sensation it currently is. We specialize in eyelash extensions only, so we can focus on constantly improving our techniques and offering the best possible service to our clients. We have our very own state-of-the-art training facility and courses with Sassy Lash Class. We source and create our own lash materials and accessories through Sassy Lash Supplies. We have three flourishing salons in the Las Vegas area and recently expanded our enterprise to Arizona with Sassy Lash Phoenix. Simply put, we do everything we can to be outstanding, to set ourselves apart from other salons with exceptional service, commitment to quality, compassionate care, and ever-expanding eyelash extension knowledge.

Another aspect of our business that makes Sassy Lashes different is our recently-launched premium podcast. On this program, we share our expertise with lash artists, eyelash extension clients, and anyone else who’s interested in this innovative industry. We’re truly passionate about lashes, so we’re excited to share our knowledge, stories, suggestions, and encouragement with the eyelash extension community! Read on to learn more about our premium podcast.

Our Sassy Hosts

Our fantastic leadership team helms our premium podcast. Mike and Shauna Jones are the power couple behind Sassy Lashes. Shauna is a certified lash artist extraordinaire who began doing lashes out of their home. Her skills, drive, and fascination with lashes grew this company to its current epic proportions. Her other half, Mike, is responsible for the administrative side of Sassy Lashes. He handles the details of scheduling, the particulars of payroll, Sassy Lashes’ marketing efforts, and the complexities of budgeting a multi-salon, multi-state lash salon, class, and supply business with 150 employees.

Mike and Shauna are competent yet candid executives and hosts. On the podcast, they’re encouraging, helpful, and refreshingly honest about the realities of the eyelash extension industry. Shauna shares her personal experiences as a lash artist, trainer, and founder, from her humble beginnings to her hard-earned success. Mike describes how he supported Shauna in her endeavors and helped make Sassy Lashes the company it is today, including the specific challenges he faced as an eyelash extension entrepreneur. Even after all this time and all the obstacles they overcame to make their business the success it is today, Shauna and Mike still say the best part of their job is working with each other. The marriage of their skills and viewpoints makes for a fun, informative, friendly podcast experience.

What We Cover on our Premium Podcast

The short answer is: anything related to eyelash extensions! Mike and Shauna answer listener questions, talk through the business of lashes, provide eyelash extension tips and tricks, and more. For example, here’s a sampling of our recent podcasts:

  • Lash Extension Q&A – How Long Should a Full Set Take?: In this podcast, our Sassy Lashes podcast hosts invite listeners to their upcoming training events and answer social media followers’ questions. They give their views on wide-ranging topics, including how and why to “break up with” demanding clients, the marketing tactics they use, and their strategies for balancing work and family life.
  • Lash Retention Issues: Mike and Shauna dive deep into what can cause eyelash extensions to fall out before they should, as well as what lash artists and clients can do to fix this issue.
  • What is Influencer Marketing: In this episode of the premium podcast, Mike and Shauna bring in an expert in influencer marketing to discuss this method of advertising and describe how it works in the beauty industry.
  • How to Deal with Burnout: Our superb Sassy Lashes hosts take on a more personal topic, but one that’s relevant to just about anyone: handling burnout at work. They’re so excited about and involved in their business that they tend to burn themselves out, but they emphasize the importance of self-care, as well.
  • Specializing in Lash ExtensionsShauna and Mike talk about one of the fundamental tenets of their company: focusing on eyelash extensions and nothing else. They describe why this works for them and how it’s central to their successful business model.
  • How to Start a Product Line: In this episode, our hosts discuss why and how we started our own Sassy Lashes product line with Sassy Lash Supplies.

Why Eyelash Extension Clients Should Listen

The more you know about the eyelash extension business, lash techniques, and what to look for in your salon, the more you can take charge of your look. Listening to our podcast can help you be a more educated, informed eyelash extension client. In addition, Shauna and Mike often share life advice that’s applicable to anyone working to achieve personal and professional success in any field. Of course, you might also become inspired to become a lash artist yourself while listening!

Why Lash Artists Should Listen

With Mike’s help, Shauna worked her way up from a single lash artist doing extensions in her home to the co-founder of a burgeoning eyelash extension business. If you want to build your own eyelash extension company or become an expert lash artist, there is no better mentor than Shauna. Furthermore, Mike can give you advice to help you strategically expand your business. Many of our listeners are lash artists who turn to our podcast for motivation and guidance.

Why Eyelash Extension Newcomers Should Listen

If you’re curious about eyelash extensions but haven’t ever tried them for yourself, listening to our podcast can introduce you to the ins and outs of this service so you can walk into the salon prepared. Of course, if you’re in the Las Vegas area, this might also be an opportunity to learn more about a local lash salon you might choose for your very first set.

Experience What Makes Sassy Lashes Different

Would you like to see (and hear) for yourself what makes Sassy Lashes different? You can listen to our podcast, watch our YouTube videos, sign up for a Sassy Lash Class, shop our supplies, and book an eyelash extension appointment today!