At Sassy Lashes, we strive to offer outstanding service in every area of our eyelash extension empire. We’re so dedicated to this field that our salons offer only this specialized beauty treatment, we provide our very own high-quality Sassy Lash supplies, and we even offer eyelash extension courses in our state-of-the-art facility. Simply put, we’re passionate about everything to do with eyelash extensions, so we’re excited to share our knowledge, skills, and expert materials with the world. In order to reach even more lash lovers, we’ve recently launched a YouTube channel filled with eyelash extension tips and tricks. Our YouTube videos are just one more element that makes Sassy Lashes different. Read on to learn more about our channel and what it offers.

Our Sassy YouTube Stars

In our videos, you’ll most often see Mike and Shauna Jones, the founders of Sassy Lashes. This married duo has grown Sassy Lashes from a small business run out of their home to the burgeoning business it is today. They know a thing or two about both the trials and the triumphs of running a successful eyelash extension salon, applying lashes properly, finding the right supplies, and more. Shauna is a master lash artist, while Mike knows all the ins and outs of managing an enterprise. Our Sassy Lashes YouTube channel also features guest appearances from our team of accomplished lash artists and our wonderful clients as models.

What Are Our Videos About?

Over the years, the Sassy Lashes team has amassed a great deal of expertise on everything to do with eyelash extensions. We want to share what we’ve learned on our YouTube channel. Most of our videos offer practical advice for lash enthusiasts. For example, in recent videos, we’ve covered topics such as:

  • Lash Extension Hacks for Fluttering Eyelashes: As a seasoned lash artist, Shauna provides her suggestions for calming down clients’ flickering lashes so you can offer excellent extensions.
  • How to Create Volume Lash Extensions: In this video, three of Sassy Lashes’ superb lash artists discuss three different techniques for placing Volume sets.
  • Different Lash Curls: We go over all the different curl types and tell you how to choose the right type for your clients’ lashes.
  • How to Fix a Gap in LashesOne of our impressive lash artists describes how to bridge a gap in sparser natural lashes to create a full, gorgeous look.
  • How to Clean Tweezers: We provide step-by-step instructions for three methods of sterilizing eyelash extension tweezers. All three approaches follow state board standards to keep your materials hygienic and your clients safe.
  • How to Fix Lashes: In this video, we explain what to do if you need to provide eyelash extensions over another lash artist’s work.
  • Best Glue for Eyelash Extensions: One of our lash artists describes the different glues Sassy Lashes offers and provides advice to help you choose the right type for you and your clients.
  • Building a Chair for Your Lash Station Setup: Working with the wrong chair or table can wreak havoc on your back and make it more difficult to provide stunning lashes. In this video, Mike and Shauna show viewers how to build the kind of lash extension chairs we use in our salons.

These is just a sampling of our current videos, and there will be many more to come.

Are You An Aspiring or Current Lash Artist?

If so, we recommend that you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Many of our viewers are lash artists and find our videos very helpful. For example, on our video about clients with fluttering eyelashes, one YouTube commenter wrote: “I have clients with fluttery eyes and tried this a few weeks ago…it works amazing!” In addition, our team regularly answers lash artists’ questions in our comments section, so you could even end up with personalized advice. Watching our videos could help you stay up-to-date with the latest eyelash extension techniques and solve common problems you might run into in this booming beauty business.

Do You Ever Get Your Lashes Done?

If you’ve ever gotten eyelash extensions (or even if you’re just considering this beauty treatment), watching our videos could help you better understand the methods lash artists use, which set might be most appropriate for you, and more. We work to educate not just lash artists, but also eyelash extension clients. The more informed you are, the better you can coordinate with your lash artist, get the results you want, and maintain your set.

Check Out Sassy Lashes’ YouTube Channel!

To find out even more about what makes Sassy Lashes different and what we have to offer, take a look at our YouTube channel. We also welcome you to book an appointment at one of our Las Vegas area salons, sign up for a Sassy Lash Class, or order materials from Sassy Lash Supplies.