About Us

About Us

Why Sassy Lashes?

Most salons specialize in a multitude of different services. At Sassy Lashes we specialize is one thing and that one thing is eyelash extensions. Like many beauty services, eyelash extensions aren’t the kind of thing you want to risk having a bad experience with, especially the first time trying them.

What Sets Us Apart?

Sassy Lashes has individual private rooms for your lash service. Our rooms can be closed off by simply closing the door. Most salons are a wide open room with a curtain or drape between you and the next client allowing everyone to hear your personal business. Our comfy recliner chairs and snuggly warm blankets will ensure you have the most relaxing and tranquil lash nap during your service. We also cater to parents. We do allow a well behaved baby, children, and also service animals. The owners are new parents and changed the rules and wanted to add this in because we do understand what it’s like having children.

What Makes Us So Special?

Sassy Lashes does not charge additional for fullness. Other places will charge additional for the time or supplies and we do not. We have a 3 day grace period to ensure that if anything is not to your liking we do offer a free 15 min – 30 min touch up to tweak the style, remove some or add in. Sassy Lashes is an experience. Sassy Lashes is a posh boutique that specializes in only lashes and this is why we have the talent to customize the look you desire. We have ranges of curls, diameters and colors and cater to your special needs